Percy sleeping with the fishes while I wait for blood of olympus. :P Yeah, he’s drooling a bit.

"Stupid Potter~"  Here is some baby jily for you all (first or second year).

Sailor moon!! I was going for an after transformation sequence with her flying out and a red cosmic sparkle trail followed her as she jumped off a building or something ^-^;

Love is an Open Door~ What I wish it was should have been honestly and what it is. Or perhaps Hans vs Anna’s perspectives. :3 If you recognize this it is from an old sketch I did after the movie came out. I really liked how this turned out! 

I had this unfinished for Jily Week fairytale theme a while ago. It’s Jily + The Snow Queen with James and Kai and Lily as Gerda. 

Chibi Sasha, my favorite character in AOT :3

A few months ago I was hooked on Who the Bleep did I Marry (it’s on Netflix) and doodled up this stuff since it was so perfect, haha. :D I just added the finishing touches now! 

Princess Anna had thought her loneliness was over for good when she met the handsome Prince Hans. Little did she know that he was after more than just her hand in marriage…

Thank you Disney on Ice for inspiring me to create more stupid doodles I’ll never finish. :P

For my art trade with luciand29, I drew an older Dipper and Mabel! Sorry this is so late, my tablet wasn’t working for a bit. ^_^;


Idea: Kailee | Art: Julia K.

By Julia K.

Woo! My stuff! :D
watching Psycho Pass. Kogami is my favorite :3

watching Psycho Pass. Kogami is my favorite :3

I had a bit of fun designing modern fancy outfits for Korra and Asami! :D I drew it for this Korracast competition since I like their friendship the most in LoK..

My OCs from a video game project I have been doing sort of in my free time for a few years that is about a girl who falls into the world of Fairytales since I love them so much! (yeah I may have doodled these last quarter).

Fynn and Alyssa are childhood friends who are very close, especially after Alyssa’s favorite older cousin Alice disappears 10 years previously under mysterious circumstances. Alyssa sees an old book of fairytales in Fynn’s family’s library, and is thrust into the world of its pages as she opens it. She quickly realizes where she is, but something is off. All the young girls in this fairytale land have been missing for quite some time, and she may be next…

My main villain for the whole story has always been Bluebeard, with the various socerers of fairytales being the other villains. I also made the Big bad wolf a shape shifter. Claret was able to avoid being taken, so I was planning on making her a playable character. I’ve had the Snow White level programmed for about two years, but I want to add the others when I have access to the program again. :B

anna drawing practice. Trying to work on my painting :P

anna drawing practice. Trying to work on my painting :P